The Little Things

Peach Vodka and Iced TeaWhen thinking of reasons why I love Buffalo, there are many things that come to mind; such as the friendly people, all the great summer events and festivals… but it is some of the smaller things that make me appreciate Buffalo the most. You don’t necessarily know what these little things are until you leave Buffalo.

One of these small things is Sweetened Iced Tea. Go into a bar anywhere in the country and order a vodka tea. It’s not going to taste the same as it does in Buffalo. Buffalo is unique in that we use sweetened Lipton (or similar brand) iced tea. It’s right on the soda gun. Everywhere else uses unsweetened tea and it’s just not the same, even with a packet of sugar. So next time you’re in Buffalo, order yourself a Peach Vodka on the Rocks with a splash of tea. No need to specify sweetened – it’s assumed and it’s delicious!


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