Pee-Controlled Video Games? This Could Be Fun.

Taking a break from your night of drinking to take a leak may never be the same. According to our friends at Digital Trends, The Exhibit Bar in South London has implemented pee-controlled video games in its bathroom. Or maybe I should say loo?

The games have strategically planned names like “Clever Dick” and “On The Piste” and in addition to providing entertainment to those “on-the-go” they also give advertisers a new way to promote their products.

The high tech urinals come with 12-inch LCD screens positioned just above them. Ads play until a “user” approaches the urinal. Once the system detects that the said user is in position and ready to pee, it switches to game mode. The simple action of directing your stream left or right controls the system. With the skiing game, you navigate the course with subtle but dexterous movements and as the article we referenced mentions, “how well you do at the game is entirely in your hands.”

The genius invention of Gordon MacSween has already been trialled at a bar in Cambridge and according to London’s Time Out Magazine there were noted behavioral changes among the peeing public that used them. Apparently there has been significantly less mess because the games are designed to prevent splashing and there’s less vandalism because people are engaged and having a laugh.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll all be peeing for points soon.


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