The Perfect Football-Watching Companion

The big game! Action-packed football! Heart stopping plays! How am I possibly going to be able to catch all of this action and keep the beer flowing throughout the course of the entire game? Some would think that a quick trip to the fridge would be an option, but I know that the ads are some of the best that television has to offer… Others might think that you could trust your friends not to drink your best microbrews in a cooler that everyone has access to. I know better.

This is what I need. The Hops Holster. I can easily fit 6 of the best beers and still expect them to be cold in the insulated pockets, hours from kickoff. Also there’s a nifty pocket for cash that I’ll need when we inevitably need more pizza. Nice.

Hops Holster Beer Can Belt

See you all on the couch!


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