The Perlick Perl Creamer Beer Faucet: A Draft System Upgrade

Back in October, I wrote about a brand new draft beer faucet that, no matter how experienced you are, gives you the perfect, creamy head every time. I can say with full knowledge, since I used it myself, that it works like a charm.

Just in is our Perlick Perl Creamer Beer Faucet. The Perlick name has long been known as a top brand for home and commercial draft systems alike, and this new creamer faucet is no exception. Just look at how sexy and sleek this baby is…

Perlick Perl Creamer Beer Faucet

Perlick’s new Perl faucets (also available in a non-creamer version) come to us with a revolutionary design, featuring the “Perl Ball” and floating O-ring, which eliminate the need for a valve shift. These innovations make the Perl faucets the most sanitary beer faucets in Perlick’s already stellar repertoire; when in use your beer has no exposure to air, which means there is no room for mold or bacteria growth. What does that mean to the beer drinker? Your best tasting beer yet.

Plus, like I spoke about with our other creamer faucet, the Perlick Perl Creamer Faucet allows you to top of your pint with the perfect amount of creamy head, just by pushing back on the lever after filling up with beer.

All Perlick draft beer faucets are constructed with top quality stainless steel, and available in either a polished stainless steel or tarnish-free brass finish, so you can match your existing system accordingly. Plus, they’re made with a forward seat design, which prevents the lever from sticking, giving you a better pour, every time.

Check out the Perlick Perl Creamer Beer Faucet, starting at just $35.45.


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