Pete’s Pouring Tip: No More Foam

Foam in the Bottom of a Beer GlassDid you know that you cannot get a clear glass of beer if you pour clear beer on top of foam? Try it and see for yourself. Open your draft system’s faucet only little bit, so it sputters and you get about a half inch to an inch of foam in the bottom of an empty, clean pint glass. Close the faucet all the way. Then open the faucet all the way, tilt the glass to 45-degrees and try to pour clear beer onto the foam. All you get is more foam. What’s happening is that the agitated foamy beer, with all its CO2 breaking out of it on the bottom of the glass, is agitating the clear beer being poured on top of it. So start with a clean glass or pitcher, free of foam, and you will get a better pour every time.

Pouring Beer into a Foamy Glass A Full Foamy Glass of Beer Results


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