Pete’s Pouring Tip: Start with a Beer Clean Glass

A beer clean glass is a glass that is properly cleaned and sanitized Beer Clean Pint Glassso that the beer in the glass maintains its proper flavor and head.

Beer glasses should be not be cleaned with dish soap. To correctly clean a glass, a detergent should be used. Detergents are different from soaps. Soaps are made from fats and oils that leave a residue that sometimes does not rinse completely off glasses and can ruin the head on your glass of beer. Detergents, on the other hand, are made from chemical compounds that are water soluble, so they dissolve completely in water and do not leave behind any residue on your glasses.

If you have a home dishwasher, using dish detergent should be fine. If you only have a kitchen sink, like me, you should wash your beer glasses separate from your other dishes, with a separate sponge and a liquid detergent or glassware cleaning powder. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and air dry. If you do it right, your glasses should be free of streaks and spots once dry.

A properly cleaned glass will retain a thick foamy head and the beer will be clear and free of bubbles once it settles.


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