Pints for Prostates

There are a lot of things I’m into (floating beer pong for example), however one of my biggest passions is cancer research and support. I’ve had cancer impact my life in a big way, so I volunteer a few of times a month at an organization called Gilda’s Club (named after Gilda Radner from SNL).

Check out these sobering facts: Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the United States, second only to lung cancer and it is the most common cancer, other than skin cancers, in American men. It is estimated that this year alone 186,320 new cases will be diagnosed and about 26,660 men will die of prostate cancer.

Prostate exams aren’t normally something you bring up in conversation, but you should. It could save a life.

Pints for ProstatesRick Lyke had a great idea for breaking the ice. He wanted to reach men in their late 30’s, to make them aware of the potential risks “through the universal language of beer.” Mr. Lyke launched Pints for Prostates, an awareness campaign aimed at getting the word out to men about the importance of regular PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) testing and prostate health screening.

“The more men we reach, the more lives that will be saved,” writes Lyke.

One in six men is at risk of developing prostate cancer during their lifetime and early detection is critical to getting the disease under control. “Pints for Prostates will help us reach more men at a time when a growing number of men are at risk.”

Pints for Prostates is focused on reaching men during September, (which is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month). Beer and beverage related publications have pledged a combination of advertising space, news coverage, website marketing and special event support. The media involved include our friends at All About Beer, DRAFT magazine, the seven regional Brewing News newspapers, Imbibe, BeerAdvocate, Celebrator Beer News, Bartender Magazine, Modern Brewery Age and Beer Northwest.

Creative development and design for the ads and logo for Pints for Prostates was donated by Eric Mower and Associates, a marketing communication agency with offices right here in our hometown of Buffalo (as well as Rochester, Syracuse and Albany, N.Y.; Charlotte, N.C.; Atlanta, Ga.; and Sarasota, Fla.) Lyke is a senior partner with the firm and heads up the agency’s southeast public relations operation.

The organization is now working on reaching out to breweries, brewpubs and on-premise retailers to get their support in a cooperative effort.

“One of our goals is to get brewers to print a PSA testing message on the back of beer coasters they use to promote their brands in restaurants and taverns around the country,” Lyke said. “Men can tell you about their favorite IPA (India Pale Ale), but few know about their PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen). We need to help educate them about getting the simple blood test that measures prostate specific antigens because it can save their lives.”

For more information on the program please visit

Cheers to a good health and a great idea! Now go and schedule your prostate exam.


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