Pints for Pups

Dog owners who find themselves in Newcastle (along with their four-legged friends) can now stop in for a pint without leaving their pup out in the cold. Not only are dogs welcome inside The Branding Villa, but their presence is encouraged, offering canines beef-flavored, alcohol-free brews and Sunday roasts, smothered in cat-flavored gravy. []

Pints for Pups at The Branding Villa

As an aside, I wonder how they created a cat flavor to begin with?

The Branding Villa’s Dog Beer is made with real malt and hops, but as aforesaid, contains no alcohol. The non-carbonated beer is brewed in Phoenix, AZ from beef or chicken broth and malted barley. The beef flavor especially seems to be a hit with the dogs around Newcastle. Other dishes on the dog-friendly menu include Chicken a la Franc, Eggs Ladybird and even desserts.

I’m not sure of what’s up their sleeve next, but may I suggest Doggy Jello Shots in fun shapes, like bones, cats and the like?

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