A Lesson From Experience

I get many calls during the course of the week from people who are having trouble with their draft beer systems. Many of the problems stem from old equipment or lack of care for their system (read: cleaning and maintenance). But one of the major problems stems from lack of planning, which means the whole system is set up incorrectly from the start and the cost of fixing it is huge!

Many expensive problems can be avoided by buying the proper equipment at the outset, laying the system out correctly and having a certain respect for the system and its needs. People, especially those in decision making positions, should realize that spending a few extra dollars in the beginning will save them thousands of dollars in the long run. There will be less wasted beer for one, and there wouldn’t be any need to add these necessary parts later. Now, if the infrastructure for the beer system is incorrect, forget about it; you better just get used to foamy, flat beer.

Planning is key and it’s cost effective – not to mention you will be serving a much better product for ultimately less money out of your pocket. Looking for some guidance in setting up and maintaining draft beer system at home? Check out KegWorks Community: Draft Beer Systems for tons of tips and tricks.


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