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The Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout Homebrew Ingredient Kit is a truly unique recipe inspired by the 2014 Polar Vortex storm and the blizzards that followed.

Each kit comes with a 5-gallon bucket of snow collected throughout the winter and kept in our temperature-controlled warehouse to maintain its frozen form.

In addition to the snow, the ingredient kit also includes untreated road salts which add a sharp bite to balance the special strand of hops, grown in various potholes throughout Western New York. The kit also includes basic brewer’s grains, yeast, and malt.

You might be happy this winter is behind us, and for that, we do not blame you. But don’t let the memories melt like snow. Instead, keep them safe with each sip of Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout.

Note: Depending on your chosen shipping method and destination, snow may arrive as water, but we guarantee that it left our warehouse in its original flakey form.


  • Complete ingredient kit to make your own Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout
  • Includes detailed instruction sheet for hassle-free brewing


  • (1) Bucket (5 gal.) snow
  • (1) Pack brewer’s grains
  • (1) Pack (3 lbs.) dry malt
  • (1) Pack (11 g) ale yeast
  • (1) Pack (1 lb.) untreated road salt
  • (1) Hop steeping bag
  • (1) Pack (2 oz.) WNY Pothole Hops
  • (1) Pack priming sugar
  • (1) Pack (1 lb.) rice syrup solids
  • (1) Instruction sheet
  • (50) Bottle caps

Initial Praise for the Polar Vortex Buffalo Stout

“It’s not the world’s first beer inspired by a blizzard, but it is the first beer made with a blizzard”
  – Jesse Lunn, KegWorks Product Development Manager

“It’s the Most Wonderful Beer of the Year”
  – S. Claus, The North Pole Observer

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