Pole Dancing Takes On a Whole New Spin

When I came across an article titled “From Strip Club to Living Room: Pole Dancing Goes Mainstream” on the AOL News Site yesterday, I had to read it.

Pole Dancing

People may not realize it but we actually sell “dancer poles” here at KegWorks. Lately, we’ve sold quite a few more than usual. According to the article, pole dancing is an “intense craze that’s gone from the strip club to the living room, to the bedroom, to the gymnasium and beyond.”

It goes on to say that the neighbor’s wife or your town librarian may have gotten into the hobby/sport. Can we call it a sport?

This Sunday marks the second annual California Pole Dance Championships and apparently “there are some incredible athletes now working out on the pole.”

Just out of curiosity, I googled the phrase “pole dancing Buffalo, NY” and found that there is a pole dance studio right in my neighborhood. The same studio also has a contemporary burlesque dance troupe. Ha! Who knew?

All I can say is that this phenomenon has to be a good thing. Women are getting good exercise, a healthy sense of self-confidence and their significant others may also benefit. Why not embrace the pole?


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