Poll: Be a Better Beer Host

You’re hosting a summer gathering and you know you’ll be serving beer – but how? You could always pick up a case of Bud Light and throw it into the garage cooler but I’ve got a feeling you’re not that kind of host. So what IS the best way to serve beer when guests will be mingling outside?

Outdoor Gathering with Beer

Do you fill growlers at your local brewpub? Do you use a pump or picnic tap to serve a keg? Both options cut down on bottles and cans but the variety of beer for guests to choose from is lacking. Is it better to buy bottled sampler packs? What’s the most cost-effective way to serve great stuff and keep everyone happy?

I’m not sure there’s a definite answer here, to be honest. I have my own approach but others might have a better way. Personally, for smaller parties I like to combine the growler option and the sampler packs. I usually buy a sampler of something more standard—like Sam Adams—and then get some fun stuff in the growlers for the serious beer snobs. Throw in a case of something cheap for the people who don’t care and you’re all set.

When I’ve got a big group coming over however, I’ll grab a keg of something that most everyone would like. Yuengling always goes over well with my friends. Someday I’ll have an outdoor kegerator.

What’s your beer host game plan? Take the poll and leave some comments to let me know!

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