Port Your Pong!

I know Liz has already given you the Port-O-Pong low down, but she is not the only port-o-pong lover out there. It’s sweeping the nation. From coast to coast, Port-O-Pong is making beer pong dreams come true.

On a recent outing in Seattle to an insanely large arts festival, known in Pacific Northwest circles as “Bumbershoot,” I realized the depths of Port-O-Pong’s lovability. Bumbershoot (which means “umbrella.” ha.) took place just blocks from my house in the famous Seattle Center (think Space Needle). It’s a weekend long celebration of art – music, dance, comedy, crafts, (um, and Starbucks and Gyros apparently too).

Bumbershoot in Seattle

On Saturday, we popped in to check out a few artists that we have been wanting to scope. Upon our arrival at the main stage area, I was ultra-surprised to see a booth proudly displaying one of our coolest new products, the Port-O-Pong, as the prize for a contest. If Port-O-Pong can drive uptight Seattleites to pong anywhere, you can do it to.

Bumbershoot in Seattle

I know what you’re thinking – ‘dude, I am way too (worldy, rich, old, boring) to play beer pong’. But it’s time to let your guard down, people. Get in touch with that guy you knew in college (you know the cool one with all that hair) and port your pong today.

Port-O-Pong Beer Pong Tables in Seattle


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