Pour-Your-Own-Beer Bar

We’ve been supporting the idea of a self-serve draft beer bar for a while, and now Philly is home to one of the first on the east coast.

Tir na Nog now offers a 2-tap self-serve beer bar, which dispenses Guinness and Carlsburg, according to Philly.com. This is a trend I can see catching on fast.

According to the article, “[the tower] is outfitted with a digital readout, allowing patrons and staff to measure consumption. The taps are turned on and off by a computer behind the bar that also runs the tab, which is settled by a waitress.”

Looks like they’ve got their bases covered. What do you think about self-serve draft beer?



  • M June 18, 2010 @ 10:03am

    I think this is a grand idea! But also could be dangerous. Sometimes that extra 5 minutes it takes for me to wait in line at the bar and for a bar tender to notice me while I wait for my next beer keeps me just a little less drunk.
    But I’d have to try it out first before I would say that yay or nay.
    Road Trip to Philly anyone 😉 haha

  • The Beer Babe June 18, 2010 @ 5:29pm

    You know what would be interesting about this? If it really measures what you’re pouring, then theoretically I could drink smaller beers to taste them – I could imagine this going well in one of those bars with 100 taps – I could try a few without committing to an entire pint. Though I do really like chatting up the waitstaff, so if this would put them out of a job I’d be sad.

    My 2 cents,
    The Beer Babe.

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