Premium Tonic Water Is Worth Every Penny – And It’s On Sale

We typically keep the blog totally separate from our salesy promotional stuff but every once in a while I feel really compelled to tell you about a fantastic deal we’ve got going on. This is one of those times.

I feel this way because I’m a premium tonic water evangelist, and I can’t help it.

Working at KegWorks has introduced me to better quality cocktail ingredients (like all-natural tonic water) and I’ve become rather impassioned. The downside to this is that I can no longer order a gin & tonic (one of my favorite summer drinks) at most bars, because the super syrupy gun tonic that’s loaded with artificial high-fructose corn syrup that I used to like now grosses me out. The few times I’ve tried to put my newfound love for the good stuff aside long enough to enjoy an inferior G&T all I’ve tasted is disappointment.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s easy for me to drink good tonic, particularly because I can walk to our warehouse five days a week and buy it using my employee discount.

Even as a KegWorks employee, it’s definitely a much more expensive way to drink. Let’s be honest here, you can buy an entire 2-liter of the sickly syrupy grocery store tonic water for about 99-cents at most convenient stores while a single serving bottle of the premium stuff costs somewhere around $2.50 (and you might be paying shipping, too).

Here’s the thing though, once you try it – you realize that it’s not only better tasting – it’s worth every penny.

The way I see it, you spend money investing in high quality spirits to craft a better drink. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in your mixers too? Mixing a fantastic gin with craptastic tonic is no different than serving a Dom Perignon mimosa made with Tang. I don’t recommend mixing Dom Perignon with anything – but you get the idea. When you use an inferior mixer, the whole drink just ends up cheapened and is ultimately way less enjoyable.

Now, if you haven’t ever had the better tonic you probably don’t know what you’re missing. You could totally carry on being blissfully ignorant, drinking chemically flavored syrupy stuff forever – but that’s a really sad way to live. There’s a better option out there and you deserve to experience it at least once – and your gin, or vodka deserves it too.

So, here’s the exciting part. As of today, our Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (which regularly retails for $2.50) is on sale for $1.45. I urge you to splurge a little and see what you think. Not only will you not regret it, you’ll be a more educated consumer who has explored their tonic options. Plus, any orders placed soon come with the satisfaction of knowing you got a great deal.

Speaking of great deals, the Q-Ginger is also on sale, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this timely yet cost effective opportunity to give them both a try.

When else will you be able to upgrade the way you drink for less than the cost of a Starbucks frappathingy?

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