Pining for Preseason

Beer and a Hot Dog for Football SeasonSummer’s not quite over, but I’m already getting antsy for football season to start! This will be the first year my son can see this great American game and I fully intend to explain everything to him so he can be the coolest kid in daycare! I’m not sure how many games I’ll get to go to this year, but I usually get out to one or two per season. This year though I may have to stay in and enjoy my new personalized NFL bar sign, which will make it a whole lot warmer than it usually is when I see home games in Buffalo. Nothing like hanging out with my pal and having a good beer at home. I just hope his mom dresses him in the right jersey on the 15th! [techtags:PRESEASON FOOTBALL, NFL, NFL BAR SIGNS]

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  • Hannah August 10, 2009 @ 11:01am

    gerg, do you have a love for mustard or what? 😉

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