Primus Cervezas Tempus Clásica

Primus Tempus Clásica was the very first beer to come out of Primus Brewery, with the idea of offering beer that tasted different from all others previously made in Mexico, via brewing methods that were novel as well.

Tempus Clasica Altbier

This 100% malt, 5.2% altbier pours a golden amber color with a one-finger head that disappears rather quickly, but not quite as fast as that of the Dorada, their golden ale. Its aroma was a more complex version of the golden ale, which I expected; molasses and unbaked bready malts.

Clásica offered a light body with tiny-bubbled carbonation. Sweet, bready malt flavors dominated through the finish, lingering much longer than the flavor of the Dorada, which again, was expected.

I could see myself enjoying this on a summer night. Also, for the record, this altbier is like no Mexican brew I’ve ever tasted. To be honest, I can say that of all of Primus Cervezas beers, at least the ones I’ve tried. Kudos to Rodolfo and Jaime Andreu for their efforts.



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