Primus Cervezas Tempus Doble Malta

The final brew that Rodolfo gifted me with from his brewery was Tempus Doble Malta, an imperial altbier (really!) brewed with double malt.

Tempus Doble Malta

Before Tempus Doble Malta, I had never heard of an imperial altbier. I’ve got to hand it to Primus though; this is a strong beer with tons of flavor, just how I like it. The 7% ABV brew poured a deep amber with 2 fingers of head, great retention and thick lacing on the pint. Its aroma was of wicked dark biscuity malt with a molasses and caramel character.

The body was a robust medium with light carbonation to keep it very drinkable, even for a big altbier. It slid down nice and smooth through the finish, tasting of that dark bread, coffee and sweet caramel. Flavor lingered in the sides of my mouth and back of my tongue. I highly recommend this offering from Primus, if ever you happen upon it.



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