Primus Cervezas Tempus Reserva Especial

Primus Tempus Reserva Especial is another one of the offerings that Rodolfo gifted me with during my visit to Chicago. It’s described as a Scottish style ale with an ABV of 6.1%.

Primus Tempus Reserva Especial

Tempus Reserva Especial poured a deep golden russet with a two-finger head. Its medium retention thins out to a light layer with a bit of lacing on the sides of the glass. Sweet, biscuity malts are the star, backed by a hint of apple in the nose.

Its body was medium-light with light carbonation. The palate, to me, was of sweet, dark bread with a touch of dark fruit in the finish. Reserva Especial is a fairly tasty brew but not a great representation of the style, in my opinion.


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