These Would Make Rad Band Names

Looking for a wicked good name for your band but having trouble coming up with something that hasn’t already been done a thousand times over? Every once in a while an item crosses our desks and we decide that, if a band were to be named the same, we’d most definitely go to see them live. Below is the list we’ve compiled thus far.

Trash Can Metal Dolly
This one is my absolute favorite. It would be perfect for a kick-ass, all-chick metal band but is, in fact, an item that allows people to move heavy kegs and trash cans.

Electric Flying Pest Killer
We used to sell this, despite the fact that is has nothing to do with beer or cocktails (when has that ever stopped us?) but even though it’s no longer on the site it still makes a superb band name.

Universal Poppet Valves
These little spring-like pieces fit nearly any ball lock keg post to fix faulty valves and make sure you don’t lose delicious beer but, more importantly, we’d totally go to see them if they were a band and we were 14-year-old girls.

The Nipple Shanks
They may be made for draft beer towers but, c’mon, with a name like that, they’d totally get signed.

The Yoke Nuts
I envision these coupler repair parts as a satirical band, singing and performing similarly to Weird Al.

Find any other items on our site that might make rad band names? Pass ’em along! We’d love to add to our list.


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