75 Years of Legal Intoxication

75 years ago today, cats were still bootlegging moonshine and sneaking into speakeasies controlled by the likes of the infamous Al Capone, eagerly anticipating Repeal, which would make the buying and selling of alcohol legal once again in the US. This coming Friday, December 5th, marks the 75th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition – 75 years of legal intoxication. If that’s not cause for celebration, I don’t know what is. Dewar’s Scotch has a special place in this anniversary, being one of the first liquors to be served legally in the US on December 5, 1933. JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., was the US agent for the Dewar’s brand. The very moment Repeal was put into action, Dewar’s hit New York’s South Street docks, ready for consumption. Whiskey Decanter and Glassware SetThis Friday, take time to celebrate the end of the dry era. Cap yourself off with a fedora, hit up your favorite (legal) whiskey joint and toast friends, family and the right to drink with a double Dewar’s, neat (or however you prefer). Or, enjoy your whiskey at home, in style, with our 7-piece Whiskey Decanter and Glassware Set. Some things always remain in fashion, even after 75 years. Cheers! [techtags:REPEAL, REPEAL DAY, PROHIBITION, END OF PROHIBITION, WHISKEY, SCOTCH, DEWARS, WHISKEY DECANTER]

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