PubCakes Makes a Business Out of Boozy Cupcakes

As some of you may already know, Hannah (of KegWorks blog fame) makes killer Guinness cupcakes. She even shares her recipe, right here on the blog.

It seems that PubCakes, a new baking venture out of San Diego, is doing their best to show her up. According to their website, “each PubCake focuses on the flavors that complement the type of beer used. So whether you are a fan of Stout, Hefeweizen or IPA, there is a PubCake for you!”


Their menu proves it. Not only do they have the six flavor combinations below (including one for vegans), they use specific craft beers for each one.

Being the porter and coconut lover that I am, I’d really like to try a Stoned Portzilla. Sounds delish!

  • Irish Carbomb: Guinness, Irish Cream frosting, and chocolate whiskey ganache
  • Stoned Portzilla: Stone Smoked Porter, coffee ganache, and caramelized coconut
  • Top Ten Cake: Karl Strauss Tower Ten IPA, cayenne caramel, cherry, and ancho chilies
  • Beer for Breakfast: Alesmith Wee Heavy, bacon, and maple cream cheese frosting
  • Cup O’ Hefen: Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat, coriander, and citrus buttercream
  • Punkin’ Vegan: North Coast Brewery’s Old Stock Ale, pumpkin, and maple topping

As of right now, these tasty treats are only available in San Diego bars, select retail locations and online. Unfortunately (for us anyway) they’re not yet shipped outside of the city. The good news is that should change by 2011.

It’s suggested that you pair each cupcake with the beer that’s gone into it – which is an interesting concept. One I’d like to explore, actually.


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  • M September 2, 2010 @ 10:23am

    Lucky for me…I’m going to San Diego next week! I’m going to their site now to figure out where I can pick some up. My bro who will be recovering from surgery will probably need a little pick me up. I wonder how much trouble they’d be to carry-on with me back on the plane….Maybe I’ll try to bring a special treat back for Hannah 🙂

    Note: Can’t promise that I won’t get hungry on my red-eye back though…warning you now.

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