The Pumpkin Tap Makes Any Halloween Party Better

There’s no better party night than Halloween. And this year, it’s on a Friday. Oh hot damn!

Are you playing host this year? And looking for ways to set your party apart? Well, here’s an idea. Replace the boring old punch bowl with something a little more festive. Something that will make people say “Wow, that’s really cool. I’ve never seen anything like that before. This is the best party ever!” You know, something like a Pumpkin Keg.

Pumpkin Tap Kit

Yeah, a Pumpkin Keg. We’ve talked about it before. And you probably were like “That sounds great. I should do that for my next party.” But maybe then you forgot about it. Well, consider this to be your friendly reminder, just in time for your rollicking Halloween party.

And just to sweeten the pot, here’s a Halloween cocktail recipe that is tailor-made for Pumpkin Keg quaffing. Your guests are sure to love it so order your Pumpkin Keg today!


Bloody Vampire Punch (courtesy of

4 cups clear rum
4 cups orange juice,
6 cups pomegranate juice
1/2 cup fresh-squeezed lime or lemon juice
1 liter seltzer (pomegranate seltzer works best)

Combine the orange, pomegranate, and lime or lemon juices in your favorite punch bowl and refrigerate until just before serving. Add the seltzer immediately prior to pouring into your Pumpkin Keg and, as a creepy finishing touch, toss in a few gummy vampire fangs to frighten and delight your Halloween guests.

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