Purple Rain

A number of us in the US are being hit with quite a bit of the wet stuff, so I thought it was a perfect time to whip out a rainy day cocktail recipe. The artist formerly known as “The Artist Formerly Known As” came to mind as well as I was driving in this morning, so what better than a recipe for Purple Rain? Purple Rain by shypii90 at deviantart.com Sure, I’m not usually one to order a Purple anything but this cocktail satisfies my sweet tooth even on the dreariest of days. Purple Rain Cocktail 1.5 oz gin Cranberry juice Splash blue curacao Splash sour mix Splash soda water Fill a highball glass with ice and pour the gin over it. Fill almost all the way with cranberry juice. Add splashes of blue curacao, sour mix and soda. Gently stir and add more blue curacao to deepen the color, if needed. Cheers! [techtags:COCKTAIL RECIPES, DRINK RECIPES, RAINY DAY COCKTAILS]

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