Purse Hooks: The Little Detail That Makes a Big Difference

Think of your favorite bar. Really get the picture of it in your head. The color of the wood, the size of the space, the slight scuff on the felt near the corner pocket. All of it. Got it? OK, good.

Now, imagine that it’s a Friday evening and you’re a free bird flying for the next 60 hours or so. Your spirits are high and your expectations for the evening are even higher. You’ve got your best pals and your best gal by your side and you’re all itching to get out. So of course you’re going to head to your aforementioned (and envisioned) favorite bar. Things are looking up.

You arrive at a perfect moment. The energy is high, the crowd is building, but there’s still plenty of seats at the bar. You belly up, order some drinks, and get ready to relax. Suddenly…

“Honey, can you hold my purse for a while? I don’t want to put it on the ground and I’m afraid someone will spill on it if I put it on the bar.”

This is Code Red. You’re staring hours of purse holding duty in the face right now. What are your options? Volunteer to take it back to the car? Wait until she’s not paying attention and rest it on the bar top or floor? Say “No”? None of these are going to do you any long term favors. Basically, you’re screwed. Unless…

Single Arm Purse Hook In Action

With just two simple little words, I can save you. I can make your bar better and keep your Friday bliss riding right along. What are those words? Purse hooks.

That’s right. Purse hooks. It’s such a small detail. So seemingly insignificant, right? But it will save your life (or at least your evening) time and time again. A bar with purse hooks is a bar that shows it cares about doing everything it can to ensure that its patrons have a blast. It’s a bar that understands its reason for existence is to provide comfort and relaxation and make people feel at home while they carouse with old friends and new ones alike. In short, it’s a bar that people want to be at.

So if your favorite bar doesn’t have ‘em, do everyone a favor and make a request through management. They’re cheap, they’re easy to install, and they’re pretty much worth their weight in gold.

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The “elephant in a gas mask”

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