Q Tonic: No Longer on the Q.T.

Our company-wide “Happy Hour” last Friday afternoon was nice and simple, just the way I like it. The theme beverage was the tried-and-true gin and tonic.

Q Tonic Premium Natural Tonic WaterThere were two goals for the hour: sample Q Tonic, a premium, all-natural tonic water and one of our newest products, and unwind after a long week at the crest of the holiday buying wave. Both objectives were reached ably and with gusto.

Along with the tonic water, Dave provided us with gin, limes and ice to mix our own drinks to taste. I ended up using approximately 1½-ounces of Bombay dry gin, 3-ounces of tonic, a lime wedge and a generous amount of ice, in case you were wondering.

I don’t exactly have what seasoned cocktail geeks would call a sophisticated palate (“pedestrian” might be a better descriptor), but I know what I like. I definitely liked my gin and Q Tonic – enough that I’ll be buying a few bottles for myself, and enough to recommend it wholeheartedly to you. For a professional mixologist’s perspective, check out Darcy O’Neil’s review of Q Tonic.

Apparently, the stuff has made a big enough splash in New York City to be mentioned in Esquire and Newsweek, among other major publications. Though it has garnered some attention and increased accessibility, it’s still not the easiest mixer to find. I think Dave has done a nice job making connections to make Q Tonic available here at KegWorks. If only the finest will do in your mixed drinks, this is definitely the tonic for you.


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