Questions to Ask Before You Build Your Home Bar

The Basics

  • Do you want your bar to be moveable or permanent?
  • Who is going to build your home bar? You? Enlisting a few drinking buddies to help? Or, are you hanging up your hammer and hiring a contractor or carpenter?

Look and Feel

Is there a theme to your home bar? Just think of the possibilities:

  • Irish/English Pub
  • Game Room
  • Sports Bar
  • Tiki Cantina
  • Or are just trying to relive your good old college days?

You've got tons of choices and the decisions are all yours; so make sure you spend a few minutes and decide what you want.

Having trouble deciding? Ask yourself:

  • How much time are you going to spend in your bar room?
  • Is your bar in a room by itself? Do you use the room for things other than entertaining?
  • Do you want the bar to be the focal point of the room?

Exploring Your Options

There are tons of options when building a home bar. Here are the most common:

  • Will you be putting in a full back bar or simply wall shelving behind the bar?
  • Will this be a wet bar (sink) or dry bar (no sink)? If you want a wet bar you’ll obviously need to run water lines and a drain system. These lines may already exist in your basement. For this type of work you may want to enlist the help of a plumber or a buddy who has experience building his own bar.
  • Do you want beer on tap? If so, you'll need to install a draft beer system. When planning this system, think about how many faucets you want to install; most home bars have one or two. Keep in mind that running beer lines long distances is very expensive. Commercial bars spend thousands of dollars to run beer lines from their basements to their main serving floors. We highly recommend that you keep your refrigeration and serving areas close to each other, to avoid these costs.
  • Will you need an exhaust system? If you’ve got smokers in the crowd then this is a must!
  • What type of refrigeration will you need? You may want a refrigerator for soda, mixers and bottled beers or possibly a separate wine refrigerator.
  • Will you be putting in an ice machine?
  • How much storage do you want? Glassware, liquor bottles, cocktail recipe books, bar tools and blenders all take up space.
  • Bathroom – we highly recommend it! You know the deal! So, if you have the space, consider adding a half bath nearby. When you have the guys over for the big game or office gathering, a nearby restroom cuts down on extra house traffic.

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