A Rainbow of Unique Brews

I’ve heard of candy-colored cocktails but beer? I’ll have to thank Dave upon his return from vacation for sending me this story, from Pheonix New Times, and teaching me that rainbow-hued brews do indeed exist. Leave it to the Japanese to create beers as bright as their animé.

Abashiri Colored Beer

Currently, you can choose from four brightly colored brews, said to “revolve[s] around the four seasons and the Okhotsk Sea, an icy arm of the North Pacific Ocean bordered by Japan and Russia.” They are Ryuhyo Draft (a vivid sky blue), Hamanasu Draft (a maraschino cherry red), Shiretoko Draft (a deep lime green) and Jyaga Draft (a pinkish purple). Now, these aren’t dyed with food coloring but natural ingredients instead. For example, the blue is created from seaweed extract and the red is derived from a flower that blooms by the sea, called hamanasu fruit.

I’m unsure as to whether or not the color of the beer is reflected in the taste, so if anyone gets the chance to try Abashiri Brewery’s colorful line-up, let me know!


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