Rally for Budweiser

There were some great ads during the Super Bowl last night, most of them coming from Budweiser (who knew? haha). One of my particular favorites was this commercial, where everyone in the town rallied to bring the Budweiser delivery truck to the town, despite the bridge being out:

It may not convince me to pick up Budweiser instead of a craft brew (to each his own) but with that many advertising dollars, their ads are bound to be memorable. What were some of your favorite beer ads from Super Bowl this year?



  • Derek February 8, 2010 @ 10:31am

    That was definitely a Budweiser, not a Bud Light commercial. A-B InBev markets the two products distinctly.

    Budweiser commercials seem to target an older, more mature audience than Bud Light, in my opinion. Bud Light got really annoying to me with that auto-tune commercial. Their Bud Light house was their best of the evening, for me. Budweiser once again played their Clydesdale card, in addition to the human bridge one.

    Given a choice of which to consume between the two, I’ll be drinking Budweiser. This is based on personal tastes, not their commercials. I don’t drink much Bud overall, but sometimes that’s what I choose.

  • Hannah February 8, 2010 @ 10:39am

    Derek – thanks for mentioning that… I must’ve had too many Ommegang 3P’s last night to remember correctly, haha. I’ve updated the title of the post to make amends.

    I’m always a fan of the Clydesdale ads, too…. probably wouldn’t choose to drink any type of Budweiser, but do enjoy some of their ads.


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