Ready for Golf Season? You’re Gonna Love This…


This morning, I woke up and saw sunshine. Like, genuine, bright sunshine that seemed capable of delivering warmth. Birds were chirping. I was able to climb into my car, turn it on, and drive away. No scraping. No shoveling. No warming up the engine block. I thought “Is this Heaven?” But of course it’s not. It’ just spring. And it’s finally (FINALLY) here.

That’s the good news. And here’s the better news: where there’s spring, there’s golf. In fact, today is the first round of one of spring’s most anticipated annual rites of passage, a tradition unlike any other, the Masters.

It’s awesome to see the world’s finest golfers revving up their games and going after a coveted green jacket. On the course, these guys are all about precision shot making, honed athleticism, and nerves of forged steel.

Needless to say, that’s not how I am on the course. I’m more about trying to avoid quadruple bogeys and making sure that I’ve got a cold beer always at the ready. Does that sound like you too?

Then you’re going to love the Par 6 Golf Bag Can Cooler!

Par 6 Golf Bag Can Cooler

This unique cooler is made from durable polyester with a layer of insulating foam. It’s specially designed to fit into the shoe pocket of most standard sized golf bags and can hold up to 6 cans of brew. It comes with a convenient reusable gel pack that freezes quickly and stays cold so that your beers are frosty and refreshing.

Par 6 Golf Bag Can Cooler

If you like beer, and you like golf, this is a hole in one. Get yours before you hit the links. You’ll be glad you did.

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