Résum-Ale: The Most Delicious Résumé In the World

Anyone who has ever been on a job hunt knows the feeling of despair when faced with the seemingly impossible task of getting his or her résumé to the top of the pile. At times, it’ll damn near break you.

You know you can do the job. You know that you’re a great fit for the company culture. You know that, quite frankly, you’re the right person for the position. But it’s just so hard to break through the white noise and clearly communicate the value you’d truly bring. So you tweak a word here, rephrase something there, and think “Hey, I’m doing everything I can.”

But are you?

Canadian graphic designer Brennan Gleason set out to ensure that he could unequivocally answer, “I sure am.” What he came up with is one of the most deliciously clever résumé ideas we’ve ever seen. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Résum-Ale (click the picture to see a larger version in a separate window):

Image via behance.net

Image via behance.net

Well played Mr. Gleason. Well played indeed.

So what do you guys think? Have you ever thought of such a creative way to distribute your résumé? Do you think this was a good idea? Let us know!

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