Rise in Russian Beer Consumption Spurs New Order

As it stands in Russia, beer has always been classified as food. The Russian baby in the picture below is indeed drinking a beer. This actually happens (not sure how often, but still). With the rise in beer consumption across the nation, and perhaps poor life choices like the below, the Kremlin is set to reclassify beer as alcohol.

Russian Baby Drinking Beer
Image credit: Examiner.com

According to the Toronto Star, the average Russian consumes 32 pints of straight-up alcohol yearly. This is double the WHO’s proposed maximum. The new beer classification will restrict brew sales during certain times of the night and keep beer out of stores nears schools. Even bottle sizes will be limited to 1/3-liter containers.

The Kremlin is hoping to change Russians’ views of beer with the new classification. Interestingly, many in Russia consider vodka an alcoholic drink, and regard beer as a beverage that’s more like soda pop, in comparison. I’m starting to wonder if Russians imbibe in some of the high-test brews we know and love here. I certainly couldn’t consider those parallel to soda, not even against the highest ABV vodkas.


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  • KrampusNFezziwig February 25, 2011 @ 11:44am

    Fezziwig says: “In Soviet Russia beer drinks YOU!” ha ha… ha. Seriously though- Russian beer is generally soda pop. Anyone remember when the only beer you COULD get was Zhigulevskoy? If you gave that to a child in the USA you would be charged with abuse, for giving the tot such a cruddy beer”

    Krampus sez: “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Restrict the hours of BEEEEER sales? Ive been to some ragers in Petregrad! This is just big guv’ment socialism trying to control my life! Lame! Next thing you know they will want to give me free healthcare!

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