Root Beer on Tap at Blues Burger in York Beach

We’d like to think that the only people more creative than us are our loyal customers. Everyday customers get in touch with us to help solve their unique dilemmas. Trust me, when I say unique, I mean it in every sense of the word. We love to hear about how our customers are actually using our products so we can share those unique ideas with others.

Blues Burger in York Beach Maine

To show you just what I mean, take a look at this standard chrome draft beer tower, purchased from KegWorks just last week. At first glance, it might not seem out of the ordinary, but take a closer look at that tap handle. Using one of our jockey boxes and draft beer towers, the guys at Blues Burger in York Beach, Maine are serving up some tasty Captain Eli’s Root Beer on draft for their customers this summer. The sugary suds are a product of Shipyard Brewing Co. and are a great compliment to Blues Burger’s delicious spread of American burgers, hand-cut fries, and homemade milk shakes.

Root Beer on Tap at Blues Burger

My hat’s off to these guys. They had a great idea and ran with it. I’m just glad we could help them fulfill their vision. I think it goes without saying that this draft root beer is going to be a big hit up in York Beach.

If you have your own unique story with a product you purchased from KegWorks, let us know. Maybe this article will inspire you to start pouring your own root beer or share your story with us.

For more info on Blues Burger, check out their Facebook page.


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