Russian River Damnation

Now this. This is a Belgian Ale I’d like to have again, unlike the Belgian Dark I reviewed yesterday. Russian River Damnation, you did not disappoint.

Russian River Damnation

This Belgian Strong Golden Ale weighs in at 7.75% ABV; not a super high alcohol content but what is there is well hidden. It poured a lovely golden, sunshine color with a finger of head that didn’t stick around for too long.

Damnation’s aroma was of citrus, a little bit of banana, a healthy helping of yeast and a dollop of honey. My mouth was watering after taking in such a nose.

Russian River Damnation

Its carbonation is lightly bubbled and effervescent, but not in a way that would detract from the body; I feel the bubbles up front on the tip of my tongue, past the sides and then a slight smoothing out to a medium-heavy finish, without being syrupy or thick.

Damnation tastes of sweet, bready yeast and citrus. I recommend this for a warm day or evening as it’s very drinkable and the hint of citrus tends to make me think of summer.

I must thank John Siller for bringing it to me from California on his most recent trip this way… I hope he’s had a chance to enjoy the Nøgne Ø Barleywine I sent home with him, too!



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  • M April 9, 2010 @ 9:44am

    John sounds like a really kool guy for bringing this beer all the way from SoCal 😉

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