Sam Adams Celebrates Marriage with Brewlywed Ale

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Commonly overshadowed by wine and champagne, beer has never really been a popular wedding drink. The times are changing, however. Remember when we blogged about that photo of a woman drinking a beer during a Bride of the Year Competition in New Zealand last summer? The photo sparked a lot of conversation, as many critics used words like “disgusting” to describe it. But as that news broke, many other brides came to her side, proudly proclaiming that they enjoyed beer on their wedding days as well.

Picture Captured at New Zealand Bride of the Year Competition

Picture Captured at New Zealand Bride of the Year Competition

According to a 2012 Gallup poll, beer has been the favorite beverage among drinkers generally since 1985. It typically held second place as the adult beverage of choice for females, but recently, beer has edged out wine among women ages 18 to 34. So, it’s not surprising that women are choosing beer as their beverage of choice on their wedding day. And Sam Adams is capitalizing on this trend with their second rendition of the Brewlywed Ale.

The limited release, Belgian-style, pale golden “bride ale” has a complex layer of flavors, including fruit and honeysuckle notes from the Belgian yeast, sweetness from malt, and citrus from the hops. Only 500 cases were brewed, and anyone present at the Boston brewery on Wednesday, June 26, can grab a bottle or case. Whoever travels the farthest will receive a bottle signed by Sam Adams founder, Jim Koch, and a private tasting with a Sam Adams brewer.

Sam Adams Brewlywed Ale Label 2012

Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Label (2012)

Brewlywed at the Brewery will also include beer pairing suggestions for popular wedding menu items, expert advice and answers to wedding questions from, a toast from Jim Koch, and a chance to have Sam Adams foot the bill for your rehearsal dinner. For the hardcore beer-loving couples, there will even be a justice of the peace there to perform ceremonies on the spot.

“Unquestionably, beer is the centerpiece of a great wedding,” says Koch. “I brewed a special recipe for my own wedding and kept the tradition going by brewing the first batch of Samuel Adams Noble Pils for my daughter’s wedding day. With Brewlywed Ale, we’re celebrating the specialty-beer tradition with our drinkers while honoring a custom dating back to the Middle Ages.”

The Brewlywed Ale rings in at 8% ABV and is a medium bodied brew. Sam Adams recommends that couples crack it on or before their one year anniversary and serve it between 40 – 45 degrees F. The ale will be packaged in a decorated 750mL, cork-finished bottle for $14.99. To learn more, check out Boston Brewing’s press release on Brewlywed at the Brewery.

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