Sam Adams Summer Pack to Include Saison

Krampus and Fezziwig here, Kegworks’ favorite Guinea Pigs, with interesting news! Our keeper is a bit of a Belgian beer nut. It is soon approaching the time of the year when all he will drink are various saison style beers. Having had many conversations with him on his idea of the perfectly crafted farmhouse ale we were very excited to learn, from our cousin Paddy who Skypes us from Boston while the Keeper is away, that the Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) is including “Rustic Saison” in the Summer Mixer! When the Keeper returned from his ultra-fun job at KegWorks last night we were bursting with joy and anticipation to inform him. He scratched his head and wondered aloud, “I wonder if a huge production schedule can make a good saison?”

Also included in the forthcoming summer pack is a Kolsch, Boston Lager, Latitude 48, Summer Ale and Sam Adams Light. The Keeper bemoaned the fact that the Light was included again. We seem to remember him trading away Winter Lager for Fezzi’s namesake during the winter seasonal pack distribution. May be hard to trade light away for anything tasty.

Krampus the Guinea Pig
Fezziwig the Guinea Pig

We wish you happy sampling!

Krampus n Fezziwig


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