Samuel Adams’ Summer Ale Special Delivery

After an especially harsh winter for many cities across the US, Samuel Adams wants to bring a free taste of summer to the 10 that were hit the hardest.

“This has been one of the worst winters in a while, and I’m definitely ready for summer and sun,” said Sam Adams founder Jim Koch. “So we thought, ‘Why not take Samuel Adams Summer Ale on the road and treat our drinkers who suffered through countless hours of shoveling with an early sip of summer?’ We tapped AccuWeather to determine which towns were hit hardest this winter, and we’re happy to help people in Columbia, Mo. thaw out and kick back with Summer Ale. It might not entirely make up for a frigid winter, but we hope it gives them something to look forward to. Summer is on the way!”

This early sip of summer isn’t for the cities that consistently get the most snow, but the cities that had the highest percentages of more snow than average. Here are the 10, in order of severity:

Rank City Inches of Snow % More Than Average
1 Columbia MO 51.6″ 346%
2 Paducah KY 27.9″ 271%
3 Tulsa OK 26.1″ 256%
4 Newark NJ 66″ 239%
5 Bridgeport CT 60.1″ 229%
6 New York NY 61″ 221%
7 Philadelphia PA 44″ 218%
8 Youngstown OH 114.7″ 215%
9 Williston ND 87.6″ 209%
10 Boston MA 79.1″ 192%

Brewed with lemon zest and exotic African pepper that’s hundreds of years old, Samuel Adams hopes to have captured the flavor of summer in a bottle. I look forward to giving Summer Ale a taste very soon.


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