Samuel Adams Utopias: America's Strongest Beer

2009 marks the year of the release of the strongest beer brewed in America to date; Sam Adams Utopias.

Samuel Adams Utopias 2009This year’s release of Utopias (they’ve been creating bi-yearly versions of this special brew since 2001) weighs in at an incredible 27% ABV, the highest alcohol by volume in a beer ever created in the U.S. If that’s not registering with you, maybe this might – this beer is so high in alcohol that it’s illegal to sell it in 13 of our states.

This is Sam Adams’ 4th version of Utopias, hailed as their best yet, as it’s a blend of differently aged versions… some of the brew has been aged in port barrels, some in scotch barrels, some bourbon, some sherry… a total of 53 different barrels in all. From there, they added in maple syrup and special yeasts developed solely to increase the beer’s alcohol content.

Uncarbonated, Sam Adams’ Utopias should be served in a 2-ounce snifter, like one would enjoy a fine brandy. According to Jay Brooks of McClatchy Newspapers, since he was so lucky as to have already tasted the newest release, the brew "is pleasantly sweet and complex, with a mélange of vanilla, honey and maple notes with subtle dark fruit, nuttiness and spicy character, too. It changes and intensifies as it warms in your hand."

I would certainly love to get my hands on one of the 15,000 bottles released this year for the experience alone, but I’ll admit that, if I do come upon one, I won’t be drinking it quickly. Alcohol volume aside, this bad boy has a suggested retail price of $150.

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