Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

A classic version of the style, Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale is an English Brown Ale that’s easy to find and great for sessioning.

Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale

That’s me on the right, enjoying my Nut Brown with Marideth, who’s enjoying a glass of Ommegang Hennepin. As you can see, the Brown Ale poured a deep ruby brown with only a little head that dissipated rather quickly. Aromas of caramel, malt and brown sugar were present – this went perfectly with my BBQ chicken sandwich.

Its fresh, crisp carbonation made it very drinkable, yet it had a smooth, medium body… I’ll admit I was a bit surprised that it had a medium mouthfeel, since it’s only 5% ABV. It tasted of nutty malts, caramel with a slight bitterness in the finish. Really a lovely brew and one I’ll enjoy again. If you don’t believe me, see what reviewers on BeerAdvocate had to say.

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale even made Deron’s Top 5 English Brown Ales. Check out his post for history, characteristics and food pairings for the style.




  • Harry Owen October 7, 2010 @ 6:28pm

    Hello Hannah
    As a lifelong lover of the English liquid malt, who also happens to have a reasonably intact liver, would you please consider the fact that 5% ale is not considered to be a ‘session’ ale by most pub drinkers. Draught English pub ale tended to hover round the 4% mark, Boddingtons was 3.8% and was considered to be a bench mark for session ales in Manchester. Sorry, if this comes accross as a sobering thought it’s not meant to be,’seasoned’ drinkers from Royal Navy to Bricklayers pace themselves.
    Check it out, experienced session drinkers look for weaker beers. You will still be able to collect your rubber legs at the door, but will still be able to waddle home. Only tryin to advise, great to see young people appreciating proper English ale. Try Ruddles County superb malty ale. If you can still walk the line after an evening on that ‘weaker’ beer, I will willingly buy the next round.
    Cheers girls, many happy,safe years drinking.

  • Hannah October 7, 2010 @ 7:37pm

    Harry Owen – fair enough, my friend! Thanks for the advice 🙂 and I’ll definitely pick up the Ruddles next time I happen upon it.


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