Comfort Food in Western New York

Cabbage Shredder for SauerkrautFall brings with it an icy chill in Western New York and here we need some comfort foods to get through the frigid winter. One of my favorite winter dishes is kielbasa and sauerkraut, a perfect mix of warmth and cholesterol to keep your blood from freezing on that first cold snap.

It’s always the best with fresh ingredients and it’s really easy to do with a cabbage shredder, for the freshest sauerkraut around. I also recommend onions and apples and the whole mess in a crockpot, simmering all day long.

Finish it off with a doppelbock (I’m a big fan of the Troegenator) and you’ve got at least a couple of warm hours in you, before you have to shovel the driveway… nice.


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