Save Your Bartending School Money

Ever wanted to learn how to bartend? The thought has crossed my mind many times. Now with the free "ICE" (Interactive Cocktail Entertainment) iPhone application, I can learn as I play.

This app is very cool. The game makes you pick the glass and all the ingredients for the drink. It tells you if you make a mistake and even makes you pour the liquor and shake if required.

iPhone ICE Bar Tending App

So if you are rocking an iPhone, get this FREE app. You’ll not only have an extraordinary interactive guide, but also an entertaining and original game where you can have fun with your friends and become a true bar man. Here’s a quick demo video:

If you’re not cool enough to have an iPhone, borrow someone else’s for a minute and try your hand (or finger) at "Interactive Cocktail Entertainment."


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  • Eric November 5, 2015 @ 3:34pm

    I downloaded the app. It’s fun for a minute, but it needs some improvements. There aren’t many drinks in the list to learn, and most of them are outdated or uncommon. Also, it doesn’t require you to learn the correct pour of the cordials, liqueurs, or mixers that go into each drink. That part is very important as well. On a positive, it is a fun way to memorize drink ingredients for a handful of common cocktails.

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