(Save Your) Kaps for KegWorks

Our office has expanded quite a bit in recent months and now that the construction is finished and everyone’s moved in, we’ve been working on our decorating.

Sure, we’ve got posters and signs all over the place – and a giant mural in our break room that looks like a brewery – but we still wanted to do something bigger, something epic.

We’ve decided what that epic thing is – and we need your help. We’re going to take one rather sizable wall, put our logo on it, and cover every remaining square inch with bottle caps. Check out the renderings of what it’ll look like below!

KegWorks Kaps Wall - Mock 1

KegWorks Kaps Wall - Mock 2

KegWorks Kaps Wall - Mock 3

Pretty cool, huh? The only thing is, we’ve estimated we’ll need about 60,000 caps.

We certainly drink our fair share of beer but our mosaic masterpiece will be done much, much faster if fine people like you send us your caps too. What do you say – can you help?

We’re accepting any and all bottle caps you’re willing to send. Whether they’re new, or used, whether you have 10 or 1,000 – we’ll be happy to take them, clean them, and use them on our wall.

Anyone who sends us some will receive our eternal gratitude and a handwritten, heartfelt thank you note from yours truly. We’ll keep you posted on the progress as the piece is created (obviously) and you/your caps will forever be a part of the most epic wall in our office.

Any questions? Just let us know!

If you’d like to send us your caps, here’s our address:
Kaps for KegWorks
1460 Military Rd.
Kenmore, NY 14217

Thanks in advance for being the best friends/customers a company could ask for. You guys are awesome.



  • Knile August 13, 2012 @ 1:01pm

    I will start taping them to my postcards!

  • scott russell August 13, 2012 @ 2:33pm

    can’t find my last post — we have several buckets full now and can continue to save them — Liz can u pick up at tiki or maybe from Yvonne? ~Scott

  • rhonda January 16, 2013 @ 2:45pm

    Are you still accepting beer bottle caps?

  • Liz January 16, 2013 @ 5:52pm

    We’re actually all set with caps for this wall Rhonda – thanks for checking though, it’s much appreciated!

  • Hannah January 16, 2013 @ 5:53pm

    Rhonda, thanks for asking! We’ve received all that can fit on the wall. Stay tuned for a video of what we imagine is one of the largest bottle cap walls out there!

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