SBC 500 vs. BM23

What’s the difference between the Summit SBC-500 and the Beverage Air BM-23?

The Summit unit is perfectly fine for home use. It comes complete with everything you’ll need. A tiny bit of assembly is required, but all the holes are predrilled and detailed instructions are included.

The Beverage Air unit is made for commercial installations (bars and restaurants), but we use it for home use. It has a stainless steel top, which the Summit unit doesn’t. The inside of the Bev Air unit is steel, the floor is reinforced steel. The Summit unit is plastic on the inside just like a regular refrigerator. The Bev Air unit has a larger compressor and is a forced air system (cold air blows into the cold box). The Summit unit is coil cooled. The Bev Air unit has a built in drain tray that empties into a plastic jar inside the unit. The Summit unit has a tray that just sits on top of the unit, just pick it up and dump it in your sink.

In all, the Beverage Air unit is much better built and will probably last longer with proper care. If your budget will not allow a Beverage Air unit, then the Summit unit will work perfectly fine.

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