Sell-Out or Smart Move?

50-year-old legendary Australian cricketer David Boon, known to many as the "keg on legs," seems to be giving up the suds for more spending money. [] Boon originally got his old nickname from, reportedly, drinking 52 cans of beer, back in 1989, during a flight from Sydney to London. Impressive, right? Sounds like the stuff that legends are made of, if you ask me.

David Boon Canadian Club Ad

Boon is now to be the face of Canadian Club whiskey, advertising to fans that his new favorite drink is Canadian Club Dry, instead of beer. He’s quoted as saying, "deciding to be a part of the Canadian Club Over Beer? campaign wasn’t a hard one. I think it’s a good product which I enjoy drinking, so I’m happy to put my face to it. The campaign’s not about knocking beer."

I don’t know about you, but the very name of the campaign seems to be ‘knocking beer,’ as it were. Sure, peoples’ tastes change and I, for one, definitely enjoy good whiskey as well as good beer. Such a drastic flip of the switch seems to be a bit of a sell-out, is all. I mean, Boon goes from being the face of Australian beer as recently as 2007, to declaring that he’s ‘over beer’ for the Canadian Club campaign. Despite his claims disputing the idea, it sure does feel like money was a major player in his decision.

What do you think?


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