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Andes Message in a Bottle Campaign

As I spent the weekend reflecting on the year and all those past, I came across an article on Argentinian beer producer, Cerveza Andes and their new “Message in a Bottle” campaign. I was instantly impressed.

After watching the two videos launched with the campaign (both available below), I was thinking how far beer advertising has come. While I absolutely love some of the old classics, we’ve come a long way. Take this Andes campaign…

Each Andes label contains a QR code drinkers can scan. The code sends users to download an app, record a short video, and assign the video to that bottle. Users can then give the bottle to someone else, and the recipient can play the video by scanning the same code. The messages live in the cloud, and they self-destruct once they’re played; sort of like a sudsy Snapchat.

The two ads below illustrate how the bottles might be used, and they’re pretty entertaining. I thought you guys might like them too. So Happy New Year, everyone, and enjoy!

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