Serve Me a Pint, Damn It!

This week, leading the pack of our most popular selling items is our Imperial Pint Glass. This “nonic” shaped glass features the official government seal etched on the glass.

Government Stamp on the Imperial PintWhy the need for such an orthodox beer glass? Because making sure your draft beer pour is not shy a sip is a hard-core crusade in many parts of the world.

Official Imperial Pint GlassThis particular pint glass was created on the basis of UK Law wherein selling a “pint” that is not measured is actually, illegal. Yes, illegal!

The UK requires that a pint is a true pint, and is held to high standards of measurement. A bar must use a form of “metered dispense” (I told you it was serious!) when serving pints. This “metered dispense” can be achieved through calibrated pumps of draft beer, or through these certified Imperial Pint Glasses.

The glasses must bear the word “PINT” with the number of the authority that certified that this glass is in fact a true pint. A true pint by the UK’s standards is 20-ounces or 568-milliliters (4-ounces more than the US pint – ha!).

Places around the world, like Canada, Australia and Ireland also have comparable measures taken to ensure the perfect pour. We love it. You should too.

Pick up one, two (or 20), and do your part in the Campaign for Real Beers.


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