Sherwin Williams Eat Your Heart Out: Meet Beertone


Doing a little remodeling? Trying to figure out the perfect color for the walls of your home bar? Well, you could start by taking a trip down to your local hardware store. But let’s face it, all you’ll end up doing is staring at the walls of color samples, trying to decide between “Sea Kiss Blue” and “Inner Feelings Yellow,” and wondering when you became a such a sensitive little girl. God, why doesn’t this store have a chocolate bar and foot rub section? This is an unproductive trip.

Isn’t it time for something better? Don’t you want to reclaim your manhood and skip the sissy swatches? If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions, today is your lucky day. Because today is the day we tell you about Beertone.

What is Beertone? Well basically, it’s a color reference guide based on beer. In other words, it’s the answer to your brew-drenched prayers for a practical, easy-to-use way to surround yourself with the myriad hues of the world’s favorite fun-time beverage. So much of the enjoyment we get from beer is the aesthetic presentation of a perfectly brewed bottle. We crack the cap, pour a pint, and admire the golden luminescence or dense brown darkness before we toss it down the hatch. So honestly, what better way to set your space apart than to cover your walls in the distinct colors of your favorite lagers and ales?

The two guys behind Beertone, Alexander Michelbach and Daniel Eugster, are based out of Switzerland, so quite logically the first Beertone deck focuses exclusively on Swiss beers. But word on their Facebook page (where there’s even a section that you can nominate beers to be included in future decks) is that a Beertone USA edition is in the works. As of this writing, the fine folks at Founder’s are the only brewery to submit their info for inclusion, but I imagine this will change quickly. And once it does, you’ll be able to deck out your home bar or beer-centric relaxation space with the world’s most palatable palette. Thanks for being geniuses, Beertone!

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