Shiny Happy Bar Rails

I rarely get excited about cleaning. I really enjoy fresh sheets just out of the dryer, I try to keep my car clean, (it just feels better, but with a baby, it’s tough), and I try to keep my projects from getting too messy in the house (sorry, Mary). So when I decided to clean up the bar rails in our conference room for photos, I wasn’t incredibly thrilled with the prospect, but thought the result would be ok enough to warrant it. I was actually surprised.

Before Bar Rail Polish
Bar Foot Rails Before Polish

Now it’s going to sound like a ridiculous info-mercial here, but I was really impressed with the job that the Cape Cod metal polishing cloths did on the brass bar rails! I think it took me about ten minutes to do the entire rail, and voila! Nice new shiny bar rail! I actually used the kit version of the product, with the buffing cloths and reusable gloves, but it was completely worth it. Rock on Cape Cod metal polishing kit and your insanely easy to get a great shine self!

After Bar Rail Polish
Bar Foot Rails After Polish


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