Shopping for a Whiskey Lover? We Have a Deal for You

So it’s the first day of our Big ‘Ol Holiday Discount Series and our gift du jour (complete with a big, fat discount) is the 7 Piece Whiskey Decanter & Glassware Set.

7-piece Italian Whiskey Decanter and 6 Rocks Glasses

What You Get: A swank decanter that holds 35 oz. of fine whiskey with style. There’s masculine detail in the design of the glass and the oversized stopper gives it personality. Plus, it includes half a dozen double old-fashioned style glasses so you’ll have something equally as classy to pour your evening drink into. You even have the option to share.

Who It’s Perfect For: Dads & grandpas who love whiskey, Don Draper or Roger Sterling wannabes, the bar owner who has everything.

The Deal: Ordinarily this 7 piece set retails at $29.95 – for today only, it’s over 30% OFF (that means it can be yours for a cool $19.95).



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