Sh!t Beer Geeks Say and Good Beer Week Down Under

I have never been to Australia. But, come on. We all know what those wacky Aussies are about. They’ve got koalas driving taxis, spiders bigger than your bedroom, and everyone is always drinking Foster’s and throwing another shrimp on the bobby mate. Also, kangaroos and boomerangs. And that whole water spinning the other way in the toilet thing. Alright, obviously, I’m just tossing some stereotypes out there (except for the koalas driving taxis thing…I don’t really know where I was going with that). Australia is clearly a rich tapestry with it’s own unique (and uniquely awesome) cultural touchstones and identifiers. Plus, the Foster’s thing is just marketing. I have it on good authority from my Australian friend (a great dude and world-class cinematographer by the way) that everyone actually regards that as swill. He says they do beer right. What’s not to love about that? So, what’s really Australian for beer? Apparently, the good men and women Down Under fete our favorite beverage with a festival that has the world’s best name: Good Beer Week . This seven-day (May 18 to May 26) celebration of all things beer is filled with events ranging from intimate behind-the-scenes tastings to grander galas and parties that highlight the best the beer world has to toast with. I could write for a lot longer about how cool this event is, but even then I wouldn’t do it justice. Just go to the website and click around. You won’t be disappointed. Need further convincing to go check that link out? The Good Beer Week organizers (in conjunction with Australia’s own Bridge Road Brewers) have got you covered. Check out this video and try not to laugh (and/or feel like you’re looking in a mirror). Marzipan!


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